Kef music

I’ve made a lot of music. Most of it is crappy or incomplete…or most likely both. That’s why there’s not much of it up here right now…I’m waiting to write stuff that’s actually good.

These are currently presented in a fairly arbitrary order, except I tend to place better tunes near the top of their respective sections.

Most of the music is in OGG format, but don’t be afraid of OGG. It’s just like MP3, except better, and you probably can play it on your computer already.

(I’m starting to add MP3s for some of my stuff too, for you cavemen who still don’t have an OGG player. There are more of you than I thought. The OGGs do sound better and are smaller than the MP3s, though.)


This is stuff that isn’t in any of the other formats.


A module is something made in a program called a tracker. Modules can sound like anything from MIDIs with soundfonts to stuff that’s really amazing. Most of my music’s in the “MIDI with soundfonts” category, since anything that’s really amazing is usually an electronica track of some kind, and I don’t dabble in that style of music very much. WinAmp should be able to play all of these, though it won’t necessarily sound the best it can (unless you play them in OGG format).

The OGG versions of these are often, but not always, smaller. Also, they might sound slightly better, and you’re more likely to be able to play them. So for most of these there’s little reason to get the S3M/IT versions unless you know how to use a tracker and want to see how they work.


Once upon a time I was going to do the soundtrack for Lemmings DS, an unofficial port of Lemmings. Unfortunately, MrDictionary and I stopped communicating and it didn’t happen. Eventually, he released the game using the original Amiga soundtrack. However, I did end up with two complete (but not polished) tunes remade from the original soundtrack, so here they are.


I generally do not make MIDIs, but I’ve made a few regardless.

NES music

These are “real” NES tunes in the sense that they can be played on a real NES.

Some of these are currently available only in NSF. NSF stands for NES Sound Format. An NSF player essentially emulates the NES’s CPU and sound hardware, so it’s like a real NES without the pretty pictures. If you don’t have an NSF player (if you don’t know, you almost certainly don’t), I recommend NSFplug for WinAmp. At least I think I do…it has some quirks. But oh well.

You can also listen to NSFs using FCE Ultra or Nestopia. There are probably other NES emulators that play them as well.

Some of these were made in FamiTracker, which is now both the best and easiest way to make NES music. The FTMs allow you to play the music from inside FamiTracker and see how it was made. If you don’t have FamiTracker, just get the NSFs or OGGs.

The ones not made in FamiTracker were made using mck, or more specifically, mck, mckc, MCKwatch, and DMCconv. These are cumbersome and mostly obsolete tools that today have few advantages over FamiTracker.

This section has gotten long, so it’s in alphabetical order now.

Mario Paint

In 2001 I made a rendition of my favorite Lemmings tune — yes, again — for a Mario Paint contest held by Zophar’s Domain. (It didn’t win.) Note that this is the real, honest-to-God Mario Paint, not the stupid Mario Paint Composer that has infected YouTube (an important difference because it’s much harder to make a tune with Mario Paint).