About this site

I created this website because I decided it’d be nice if I had all my stuff in one place. Well, I don’t really have all my stuff in one place, but at least you can get to it from here. But this place isn’t really about me. It’s just about whatever stuff just happened to be created by me. In some ways I guess it can be seen as a big monument to myself, but I think it should ultimately be a monument to everyone. I could make pages and pages of things that will only interest me, but what’s the fun in that?

I am a geek. But just because I’m a geek doesn’t mean that my stuff is only for geeks. A lot of it will appeal more to a geeky audience, but there’s something for everyone, whether you’re young, old, smart, stupid, Christian, atheist…but probably not if you’re Muslim. There’s nothing wrong with Islam, it’s just that a lot of stuff here is probably forbidden. :)

But go on, check it out! You might find something you like.

Best viewed in…

This website is best viewed in a browser that doesn’t suck. In addition, it works well in Internet Explorer 6 and above.

Site infrastructure

So you want to know what makes this site tick? Bear in mind that what works for me won’t work for everybody. I’m a very eccentric person, and I often make major decisions for pretty minor reasons. But here’s how the site is and why it is the way it is…

I’m currently hosted by BudgetVM. They offer cheap VPSes (which is like having a dedicated server). While a VPS is overkill for this site alone, I also run LLTVG on it, with plans for other projects as well.

I used to be hosted by NearlyFreeSpeech. It’s “nearly free” in the sense that it costs almost nothing, but the “speech” is completely “free” in that you’re free to say whatever the hell you want. Well, you still can’t break the law, but beyond that, anything goes. They play straight with you, and they’re friendly, knowledgeable, and dependable. The only reason I’m not currently using them is I prefer the power of a VPS. However, if you’re not a technogeek like me, it may well not be the best service for you.

This site is created using Jekyll. By the way, I had to learn the hard way that typing the jekyll command incorrectly can hose your entire source tree. Yeesh! (I’d typed jekyll ., thinking for some reason I needed to provide a source directory. It turned out to act as the destination…) Thankfully I had a recent backup…