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NOTE: The essays available now are not necessarily complete and are subject to change.

I write a lot. Writing is one of the few things I can do well, but that doesn’t mean I don’t do a half-assed job of it anyway. I typically just write in a somewhat linear style, letting words flow from the keyboard, and typically don’t come back to revise. I’m more careful when I’m writing essays, though, so you should at least find them readable.

Be warned that a lot of these essays are cerebral and/or political. By “cerebral,” I mean the writing will likely appeal to more of an intellectual type, while others might get bored to tears. By “political” I don’t necessarily mean about politics like the result of the 2004 election, though I may occasionally discuss such things, but simply controversial issues.

Beware of soapboxing. What’s “soapboxing”? It’s basically preaching to the choir: rambling on about something in such a way that you’re only going to care if you already agree with me. Soapboxing also often covers a topic that is better covered elsewhere. The name “soapboxing” is meant to recall similarly derisive terms like “monologuing,” when a villain in an action movie begins delivering the big monologue about his plan when he has the hero in a death trap.


Anything from the slightest nitpicks about web technology to my opinions about how an IRC channel should be run.

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